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Pesticides and beneficials

Pesticides and effect to beneficals.
In general it is cannot be recommended to use chemicals if toxic effect is from 3-5, and it must be decided to wait using beneficials the weeks after treatment, indicated in brackets (residual effect)
It is up to the user of these informations to check local regulations about if the pesticide in the table is registered for use in the country and for the specific crop.
EWH BioProduction ApS cannot be hold responsible for any use of pesticides in any crop, and it is up to every single user of the pesticide to ensure legal use of the pesticide in each case.

Chemical name

Trade name

Amblyseius cucumeris & barkeri

Amblyseius swirskii

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

Diglyphus isaea  Dacnusa isaea

Encarsia formosa & Eretmocerus spp.

Hypoaspis miles & aculeifer

Orius insidiosus & laevigatus

Bombus terrestris

Steinernema feltiae