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Aphelinus abdominalis is a parasitoid that control Potato Aphid, Rose Aphid and Glasshouse-Potato Aphid
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Aphelinus abdominalis

Aphelinus abdominalis is a parasitoid that control some species of aphids, which are not effectively controlled by Aphidius colemani

  • Potato Aphid ( Macrosiphum euphorbiae )
  • Rose Aphid ( Macrosiphum rosea )
  • Glasshouse-Potato Aphid ( Aulacorthum solani )

Aphelinus partly controls Green Peach Aphid ( Mycus persicae ), but never reach same control as Aphidius colemani . The adult Aphelinus is about 2 mm. long. Aphelinus control the aphid partly by parasitization, partly by host feeding, e.g.. sucking out aphids. Parasitized aphids develop as a black long mummie, often easy to find on the plants (often on the uppersite of the leaf) . Mummies hatch after 2 weeks. The development from egg to adult is about 3 Weeks by 20 degrees Celsius. The adult wasp parasitizes for about 2 weeks. Aphelinus abdominalis , like Aphidius ervi and A.colemani, very effectively locates and control Aphids, but the control in the greenhouse will develop slower compared to the Aphidius species, as it spreads slower. Therefore pay attention to an even distribution in greenhouse when using Aphelinus (more release-sites), to obtain control.

How to use

  • Preventative: 0,5-1 Aphelinus per. m2 every 2 weeks.
  • Curative: minimum 1-2 Aphelinus per. m2 every week, depends on infestation, until 80 % parasitization or control
  • Severe attack: must be treated with soap 1-2 applications before release

The Product

Bottles with 100 or 250 adult Aphelinus.

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