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Aphidius colemani is especially effective to control some aphid species preventive

Article Article-number Quantity Price
Aphidius colemani 0026 500
A. colemani -banker-plants 0030 500  
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Aphidius colemani

The Aphid parasitoid Aphidius colemani is perfect to find the single aphids on plants. Therefore it is especially effective to control some aphid species preventive. Aphidius colemani lay one egg in each aphid. In some few days parasitized aphids stop eating and breeding and the larvae of A.colemani develop inside the aphid for the next 2 weeks. The brown mummie develop after these 2 weeks. In few days adult Aphidius hatch from the mummies and mate. Each female lay about 200-500 eggs in aphids. The development from egg to adult is about 2 weeks at 25 degrees Celsius.

How to use
Aphidius colemani effective controls the cottonaphid ( Aphis gossypii ) and the Green peach aphid ( Myzus persicae ). The aphidcontrol will be more effective when combined with the predator A phidoletes aphidimyza and bankerplants. Use preventive ½-1 Aphidius /m2 every 2 weeks in ornamentals and vegetables. The product is sprinkled on the leaves or placed on the growmedia. Avoid that the pupae become wet or drown when watering for the first few days. It is recommended to use minimum 5-10 release sites per. 1000 m2. If hyperparasitoids occur, use Aphidoletes instead of A.colemani .

The Product

Aphidius colemani is delivered as a mix of pupae and adult in sawdust or vermiculite.

  • 500 or 5000 pcs. per bottle for professional growers
  • 100 pcs. per bottle for retail-market

Aphidius colemani can be stored maximum 1-2 days before use. Optimal to release immediately.

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