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Thrips, strawberry mites, all species of aphid, mealy bugs, leaf miners, parasitoids, white flies butterflies, slugs, sciarids, flies in staples, moth pests etc.

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BioProduction produces beneficials to biologically control pests. Contact us to solve your pest problems.

Welcome at BioProduction

BioProduction is the biggest production of beneficials in Scandinavia and have licenceagreements and jointventure worldwide. We have a broad product list for retail in Scandinavia, covering more than 35 different products and have a big export of beneficials and knowhow.

  • BioProduction offers guidance in biological solutions within the area of plantbreeding. We do guide both for greenhouses and in the open field
  • A total solution for the grower including continuous visits through the growing season, and the delivery of the beneficials including bumblebees
  • Visiting the growth every week, every 2.nd week or every month. Spotting the pest-problems and advise in the most optimal control-strategy
  • Detection of pest-species (in the Lab or in the greenhouse), and advise in finding the optimal solution against the pest/pests
  • Telephone adcvise
  • Pollination in various crops in greenhouses and outdoors